Video Analysis

Understand Customer Traffic, Behaviors and Opportunities

Real-time business analytics

StayinFront provides consistent and highly accurate shopper and customer services analytics that enable retailers to better understand how the different initiatives within the physical outlet impact behavior, customer experience and operational efficiencies – without a breach of privacy laws.

Google Analytics for the Offline Shopper

In-store analytics of foot traffic, queue time and customer movement provide in-depth, reliable and timely insight into how shoppers are responding to specific store layout, merchandising, staffing, marketing and promotions.

Alerts Lead to Real-Time Action

Real-time alerts, triggered by shopper analytics, can be pushed out to managers or staff so that they can react to specific issues or opportunities as they arise.

Dedicated Reports and Dashboards

StayinFront coverts shopper foot traffic, movement and shopper behavior into colorful, easy-to-understand dashboards and KPIs.

Metrics that Matter

Track how many people pass, enter or exit your store

Know the average length and wait time for checkout

Understand how long customers dwell at end caps and display walls and tables

Monitor how customers move throughout the store

Know the effectiveness of displays and promotions and changes through real-time feedback

Assess which promotions and displays draw shoppers into your store


Drive sales and conversion rates

Get an unbiased, birds-eye and fully representative view of how shoppers respond to marketing, pricing, product placement, space design and service initiatives on sales.

Traffic intelligence

Know the number of people passing, entering and exiting your location on any given day, by hour.

  • Calculate shopper-to buyer conversion rates
  • Align staff to shopper ratios based on high traffic hours

Analyzing Dwell Time

Improve engagement by knowing where shoppers are stopping, for how long and if they are interacting with the products or displays.

  • Measure the impact of marketing and promotional efforts
  • Optimize product assortment, planogram effectiveness and display placement

Customer Path Analysis

Identify high traffic zones and paths-to-purchase

  • Improve store layouts for maximum effectiveness

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