Digital Companion

Assess on-shelf availability and placement, perform competitive comparisons, and analyze trends through highly efficient and accurate image recognition software that easily integrates with your existing sales force automation or CRM solution.

StayinFront Digital Companion

Conduct speedy and accurate on-shelf assessments and analyses with the StayinFront Digital Companion solution.


The StayinFront Digital Companion solution provides consumer goods organizations the world-class digital merchandising capabilities of StayinFront Digital to be used along with your SFA system of choice.


Field reps will be able to quickly and efficiently capture images of the shelf and upload them for rapid analysis, while administrators will be able to monitor and manage the digital merchandising system using the StayinFront Administration Portal.


SIF Digital Companion

StayinFront Digital Companion Features:

  • Cost-effective, fully functional image recognition and analysis
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface based on the award-winning StayinFront TouchCG platform
  • A fully configurable system to meet the specific needs and requirements of the organization
  • Available in 30+ languages
  • Supported on iOS, Android and Windows systems

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