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How can Digital Merchandising help my company?

The Digital Merchandising solution shortens the time of the Sales Representatives’ visits to stores, therefore reducing an organization’s costs. The solution is more precise and much quicker than human assessments and justification of the shelf display. Find out more here.

What can I learn about my business with StayinFront Digital that I don’t already know now?

StayinFront Digital can report over 120 KPIs from one single series of photos. Companies often don’t know how much information they are missing about their products in stores, or how much money they can save, using the Digital Merchandising module. Download our overview brochure to find out more.

Is Digital Merchandising only useful for improving the performance of sales repsentatives?

StayinFront Digital dedicates and customizes the reporting framework to deliver valuable data and insights to different departments within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies’ organizations. Reports can be customized and crafted presenting metrics on the retail performance for multiple different departments including: sales, trade promotion, category management, key account management and marketing departments.

Are you able to share the best practice on Digital Merchandising in a variety of markets?

Yes we can. We have global customers who operate their business across different continents, in different countries, in different markets, and in a different chains. Read our latest case study here.

How can I access the Digital Merchandising results?

If you use the StayinFront TouchCG software, Digital Merchandising is one of the modules included with StayinFront TouchCG Advanced. StayinFront Digital also has its own stand-alone solution, in which you can see all of the results of Digital Merchandising. There is also an API, to connect with any system.

Who would benefit from using Digital Merchandising in an organization?

Tha data can be presented across many layers and granularity, which makes our reporting framework a powerful analytical tool. This means that many departments such as Sales Teams, Distrubutors, Promotion Management Teams and Marketing Teams would benefit from a Digital Merchandising solution.

Why should I trust Digital Merchandising and the technology behind this?

The retail industry has become more and more competitive. The manufacturers facing online retail giants, local challengers and private brands need to be on top of their all-time competitors. The amount of data available to businesses today is tremendous. In 2018, there were 33 zettabytes of data, and it is assumed that there will be 175 zettabytes in 2025. This data mine offers businesses with so many opportunities.

Can Digital Merchandsing help my sales team become more efficient?

Yes, generally store visits by the sales representatives are less time consuming and more productive. You will save time on shelf auditing, the accuracy of data collection is much better, and the reps can see the standards KPI results of Digital Merchandising in real-time and can then react immediately. Generally looking at projects across the globe, an uplift in sales can also be seen.

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